Doing Job Hunting

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News Far Cry 4 Video Review
Kyrat is a gorgeous world, rich with secrets, mysteries, and mediocre characters. … Read News

Doing Job Hunting

News Lewis County Students Construct Spaghetti Bridges
Students at Lewis County High School were learning some life lessons with their physics this week. Physical Science teacher, William Smith, had his students construct bridges out of spaghetti noodles and glue to see how much weight they could support. … Read News

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News Class Project: 'WVU Calls Back' Brings Awareness To Catcalling
Catcalling. Some women tolerate it, others can't. Some women ignore it, and others think it's very disrespectful.What started as a pet peeve and a class project at WVU, turned into a social media movement."Personal experiences that I've had with cat calling on campus, I didn't really know how many people had experiences with it too," said Abbey Estep, a WVU Junior and the brainchild behind WVU … Read News

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