Job Hunting Canada

Pictures of Job Hunting Canada

News When Polar Bears Attack: How Climate Change Is Creating A New Breed Of Unlikely Killers
As the ice caps melt, polar bears are losing their natural habitats — and starvation is driving them to violence … Read News

Pictures of Job Hunting Canada

News Longtime NHL Coach, Executive Pat Quinn Dies At 71
Pat Quinn, a former defenseman and longtime NHL coach and executive who brought a gruff and passionate presence to hockey across the decades, has died at 71. … Read News

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News What Kind Of King Will Charles III Be?
On 15 September, while President Obama was meeting with his advisers in the White House and deciding how to unleash the world’s most powerful military machine on the Islamic State in Iraq, his ambassador to Britain, Matthew Barzun, was spending the day in a field in Gloucestershire, learning about nitrogen-fixing plants and the dangers of sub-clinical mastitis in cows’ udders. … Read News

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