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News Plasan North America Says It Will Leave Bennington For Walker, Mich.
BENNINGTON >> Plasan North America will close its Bowen Road plant and move to Walker, Mich., sometime after its contracts run out in July, the company's president announced Thursday. The announcement came almost exactly a year after Plasan Carbon Composites announced that it would be closing its Bennington facility and moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan. … Read News

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News The 22-Hour Interview: Best Hiring Decision Ever Or Total Waste Of Time?
One tech company devotes roughly 22 hours to vetting each hire. They even have a person who studies body language. Is it worth it? Applying to Australian app-building company Appster, seems a little like applying for a high-security-clearance government job. From the initial vetting process through the offer, the company spends an average of 22 hours evaluating each candidate. Candidates spend … Read News

What Is Human Resources Job

News Butler Workforce Center Opens New Facility
New facility is located at 524 N. Main in El Dorado … Read News

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