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News Job Corps Prepares Young Adults For Realities Of Difficult Job Market
Job Corps, a federal program created 50 years ago as part of the War on Poverty, attempts to pull economically disadvantaged youth and young adults out of poverty, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service reports. … Read News

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News Invited To A Job Interview? Make Sure It's Not A Scam
I am looking forward to celebrating with you when you accept a job offer — and not just any job offer, but a wonderful offer from a fantastic organization where the people are smart and the work is stimulating. … Read News

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News One Man's Journey From LucasArts To A Bicycle To Telltale Games To Interactive Radio Drama
In the early 90's, after several years at LucasArts working on now-legendary adventure games like The Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle, Dave Grossman traded his desk job for a bike. "I was burning out both kind of personally and professionally in about 1994," Grossman told Polygon. Grossman spent the next decade in the industry as a freelancer, often collaborating with his old … Read News

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