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News 'Resumania' At UIS Helps Students Get Noticed In Competitive Job Market
The low-tech paper resume survives.But in a fast-moving, highly competitive job market, the traditional one- to two-page summary is just a basic start toward getting noticed by employers, say career counseling experts. Social media, of course, is a must-use part of the mix. But just as with ink on paper, the wrong word or emphasis can doom an applicant's prospects at the start.And in the world … Read News

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News Job Hunting? Here’s How To Negotiate A Higher Opening Salary
NEW YORK ( MainStreet ) — Hiring managers don't have much confidence they'll find the right job candidate, although they are out there looking. A survey by the Career Advisory Board, of Downers Grove, Ill., says just 7% of hiring decision-makers believe most job applicants bring the right "hiring" characteristics to the interview table. … Read News

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News Job Hunting? 10 Buzzwords To Avoid Using
Are you motivated, passionate and creative? Turns out, everyone else looking for a job is too. … Read News

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