Tips On Looking For A Job

Tips On Looking For A Job

News Need A Job? This Could Be Best Part-time Gig In America…
Looking for a new side-hustle to make some extra cash? You might want to consider on-demand delivery firm Postmates. “I think of Postmates as probably America’s best part-time job,” said CEO and founder Bastian Lehmann at TechCrunch Disrupt NY. Being a courier at the company, which promises delivery within the hour, pays “a lot more […] … Read News

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News 9 Tips For College Seniors Looking For That First Job
Although the odds may seem stacked against you without any real work experience, you do have assets employers are seeking: a fresh perspective, willingness to learn and loads of energy. Just know that your first job won't be your last, and the one thing you need is on-the-job experience. … Read News

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News A Former Twitter Engineer Has Some Great Advice On Negotiating A High Tech Job Salary
In 2011, Vaibhav Mallya graduated from the University of Michigan with a computer science degree and took a job offer from Amazon, where he had been an intern. Mallya was young, wasn't from the Valley, and he didn’t know how to negotiate for salary. So unsurprisingly, one day he was having drinks with a co-worker and discovered his friend "was making much more money than me," Mallya told … Read News

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